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So sorry for the lack of updates lately! I have been super busy! There have been lost of gallery updates so check them out!!!

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//January 25th – 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – Red Carpet

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I thought the site design could use a new layout! I hope you like it! You may notice some of the navigation doesn’t work as I am working on updating all the pages!!

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Australian model Ruby Rose is joining the cast of “Orange is the New Black” Season 3 as the new “lust object” of both Piper Chapman and Alex Vause. It is expected that Vause will be returning to Litchfield prison, as she pointed a gun at her probation officer in the Season 2 finale.

Alex was set to violate parole and skip town. It is Piper who asked Polly to tip off her on and off lover’s probation officer. As previously reported, the relationship between the two is going to strain once Alex finds out that she is back inside the prison because of Piper.

Ruby is playing the character called Stella Carlin, a new inmate of Litchfield prison. The character has been described as someone “whose sarcastic sense of humour and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates.”

Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, is returning in “Orange is the New Black” Season 3 as a series regular and will be seen in each episode of the upcoming season. This means the fans are going to see more of Alex and Piper’s scenes.

In addition to Ruby, the other actors who are joining the Season 3 cast are Mary Steenburgen, Blair Brown, actor-comedian Mike Birbiglia and Marsha Stephanie Blake. Mary has been roped-in to play Pornstache’s mom. The entry of the mother will happen in the absence of the son, as Pablo Schreiber, who plays Pornstache, has confirmed that he will not make an appearance in Season 3. Marsha has a recurring role as the new corrections officer. Meanwhile, Lori Petty is returning to reprise her brief role in Season 2 as Lolly.

Meanwhile, “Orange is the New Black” has scored big at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Uzo Aduba took home the award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series. She plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in the drama-comedy. The Netflix original series also won the best comedy ensemble award, ending four-year winning streak of “Modern Family.” Netflix may announce the premiere date of “Orange is the New Black” Season 3 in February. All the new episodes are expected to release in June.

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Hello everyone! My name is Patrick and I am the new webcast of OITNB-Fan! I am super excited to get started with this site and get it updated and ready for the start of Season 3! Also be sure to check out my other site iZombie Fans & TVD Source

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Piper Kerman (the real Piper) tweeted a photo today of her on set with Adrienne C. Moore who plays Black Cindy on Orange is the New Black.

This is so exciting – I can’t wait to see the fall out from the first season’s finale and to see what the new season brings when it is released on Netflix later this year.

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The way the cast aren’t spilling the details of the second season of Orange is the New Black makes me think it’s going to be seriously amazing!

Check out what Jackie Cruz (Flaca) had to say:

Netflix’s hit TV series, Orange Is The New Black, continues to keep its fans’ interest piqued as it gears up for its highly anticipated sophomore installment.

Jackie Cruz, who dons the role of Flaca, took the time to dish to Latina on Dec. 26. While she didn’t get into the finer details of exactly what will transpire in season 2, she did indicate that every single episode will be one of high quality.

“It’s going to be amazing. Every episode is going to be wow! All I can tell you is that every episode is like Christmas,” she said.

Aside from the show’s storyline, Cruz also elaborated on how tight-knit the cast has become since the program’s initial launch.

“We’re all friends. We’ve created this big Orange family. It’s a big cast and it’s crazy how everyone gets along with everyone. There’s a lot of cultures on set. We go on vacation together and have dinners, etc. I have a brand new family,” Cruz added.

Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black is set to make its return for its second season at some point in 2014. Be sure to keep checking back for more of the latest details.

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Ok, so not actual spoilers. The cast are being very (VERY) tight-lipped about what fans can expect in the second series of Orange is the New Black.

They have revealed a few hints that some people will find great and some not so good.

Wet Paint has rounded up the tip offs:

It’s gonna be great. One thing basically every cast member is willing to say is that Season 2 is going to be even better than the show’s breakout freshman season. Danielle Brooks (Taystee) says the “the writing was amazing before and it has gotten even better,” and Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) thinks “all of the characters and all of the dynamics are just going deeper. It’s just getting fuller and richer and to me, more compelling.”

New dynamics. Dascha Polanco (Dayanara Diaz) dished to us that the characters “venture out more,” adding, “I think we’re going to get more interactions amongst more of the women in prison.” There will also be some new characters to look forward to, including prison therapist Chris Maser, who will be played by The Wire star Deirdre Lovejoy.

Bye, bye, Alex. Laura Prepon (Alex Vause) will only be back for four episodes of the new season, though she may return as a series regular in the future. That said, within those four episodes it sounds like we will see Alex’s relationship with Piper develop. Larry’s not gonna like that. Speaking of which…

Larry goes bad? According to Jason Briggs, who spoke to E!, although Larry started the series wanting to help and support Piper through this difficult time, “he realizes that he’s kind of a victim in all of it and he needs to take care of himself as well, but to what extreme, and how far should he take that exactly? Ultimately, he ends up taking advantage of Piper and the situation she’s in, and becomes a little greedy and a little questionable.”

Is Tiffany alive? In case you were worried that Piper’s brutal beating of Pennsatucky would tip over into murder, never you fear — not only is Tiffany Doggett back in all her born again, meth head glory, but Taryn Manning has been promoted to series regular on the show. Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Uzo Aduba (Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren) have also been promoted to series regular status.

More Poussey. We’re pretty sure the entire world is happy to hear that Poussey will finally get her own backstory episode.

Here’s my thoughts…

I’m sad Alex won’t be part of the full season – I really liked her and Piper’s relationship and I am intrigued as to where it will go.

I love to hate Pennsatucky. Her character is amazing and Taryn Manning does an awesome job of portraying her, so I am really pleased she’s been promoted to regular (along with Taystee and Crazy Eyes), but she scares me, too! The finale episode… I mean, what?! She’s crazy. She’s clearly in the right place…

I love Poussey too, so I’m intrigued to see her back story.

I began to really dislike Larry by the end of the season too. I get that Piper’s done the bad thing and we should feel sorry for Larry, but he did turn into a bit of a dick. Agree?

I really, really can’t wait!

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